I got this package from Josh Bayer the other day and I couldn’t be happier. I ordered from him RAW POWER #2, HENRY & GLENN FOREVER AND EVER #2, AND SCAM #9: THE DAMAGED ISSUE. He sent me a copy of ROM too which was super nice of him, i gifted it to pretty much my only comics friends around here.

But he sent me two drawings along with the package and did a little Liddy sketch on the package. this is honestly one of the cooler packages I’ve recevied. I wasn’t expecting the extras and the extras almost outweighed what I actually bought. so he sent me one of Liddy doing his Raw Power gimmick and old men Henry & Glenn. FUGGIN LOVE IT. Thanks a ton man.

so yeah, buy cool shit from Josh Bayer. He’ll probably send you even more cool shit.

Buy it FROM HIM at joshbayerart.com

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